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Climate change

Climate change is one of the most complex issues facing us today. The impacts include more extreme weather and natural disasters, accelerating biodiversity loss and economic instability. Leading climate scientists have warned that urgent action is needed to curb emissions and avoid catastrophic environmental breakdown resulting in material financial impact on investments.

Our strategic response

Our climate change policy is aimed at increasing the climate resilience of our clients’ investments, as well as contributing towards financing the transition to a low-carbon economy. We aim to:

Deliver lower-carbon investment solutions that meet our clients’ investment criteria while meeting their risk and return objectives

Identify and integrate climate-related risks, opportunities and climate policy in our investment portfolios, using relevant data and analysis – including scenario analysis – to inform our investment decisions

Engage with investee companies to better understand and support their disclosure and management of the risks and opportunities presented by climate change and climate policy. We engage directly and collaboratively, using our voting decisions to escalate issues where appropriate

Disclose publicly and to our clients the actions we have taken and the progress we have made in addressing climate-related risk and investing in climate-related solutions

Advocate for a supportive policy framework, working with policymakers to implement measures that encourage capital deployment at scale - financing the transition to a low carbon economy and encouraging investment in climate-change adaptation

Our climate solutions

As part of our commitment to developing solutions to support the transition to a lower carbon future, we have taken the following initiatives:

  • launched the HSBC REGIO Fund which invests in emerging market green bonds and other similar bonds
  • expanded our suite of low carbon funds with the launch of 7 Sustainable ETFs
  • created Climate Asset Management in corporation with Pollination, the first venture of such scale to mainstream natural capital as an asset class.

    Find out more about Climate Asset Management on their website